Accommodation and Leisure Time

Host Families and Boarding School

International students studying at Australian high schools live either with a registered host family close to the school (most schools) or at the school’s own boarding facility (some private schools offer this). In special cases, international students may live with their parents, a close relative or a legal guardian. 这些安排需要正式批准,所以如果你正在考虑这些选择之一, please talk with us.

我们会和你一起为你确定合适的寄宿家庭. Suitable host families are selected, are strictly monitored and must meet specific quality standards. 目的是为国际学生提供一个安全的, 安全、温馨的环境,体验澳洲家庭的日常生活, 同时练习和提高他们的英语技能.

Every school has an International Student Coordinator to assist with any problems you may have regarding school or your host family arrangements. 许多学校也有一个专门的寄宿家庭协调员. And of course, we at HSA are here to help with any issues you have for the duration of your stay in Australia.

许多私立学校也为学生提供校内寄宿. Students attending these schools can stay in dormitory style accommodation with all meals provided in a group dining room. 这样的安排很容易和其他bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注寄宿学生交朋友, 他们中的许多人来自农场和bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注内陆. You also have easy access to all school sports and music facilities before and after school.

Accommodation Costs

The cost of accommodation with a host family depends on individual circumstances and location and is included in our prices (which cover tuition, accommodation and health insurance). It varies between $250 and $350 AUD per week for state schools (costs for private schools upon request; boarding school accommodation costs are at the upper end of this price range or in some cases above).

  • 作为回报,寄宿家庭会向你提供以下东西:
  • Own room including bed, wardrobe and desk
  • 为饥饿的青少年提供一日三餐和中间零食
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Access to telephone, computer, 网络和电视(细节需要在到达后与家人讨论).

你会被包括在家庭活动中,像一个正常的家庭成员一样对待. 在上学的第一天,家里会有人陪你去学校. The host parents will also look after your health. If necessary, they will take you to the doctor, accompany you to parent-teacher nights, 注意你的家庭作业和所有的学校活动.

Three girls

Leisure Activities

bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注人因其宜人的气候和轻松的生活方式而受到全世界的羡慕. 按照欧洲的标准,夏季很长,冬季也很温和. The sunshine, endless beaches, rainforests, 大堡礁和内陆令人兴奋和惊奇. Australians are friendly, 欢迎国际学生参加各种各样的社会活动, cultural and sporting activities on offer.

After school: Depending on your location, you can try surfing, golf, horseback riding, fishing, or maybe go for a walk or a swim. 你可以结识新朋友或者参加体育俱乐部,比如排球, hockey, soccer, surf lifesaving and so much more. 或者你可以去购物或者去公园野餐. The choices are endless.

Weekends: Sports activities are mostly held on Saturdays. There are various school and club competitions; footballers play matches, and surf lifesavers train in the ocean. You can do excursions to other towns, go shopping or visit markets, spend a day at the beach, visit galleries, theatres and concerts, or go hiking and explore nature trails.

 The period between terms is school holidays! 这意味着有机会和你的新朋友一起玩, 或者参加学校批准的参观bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注的其他地方. Just remember that Australian high schools (state and private) take your welfare very seriously, 并要求你的任何旅行都受到适当的监督. 所以如果你的寄宿家庭想带你去度假,没问题.

Working in Australia

放学后做点临时的工作对你的经济状况很有帮助, your social network, and your English too. bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注学生签证允许你每周工作20个小时. 可能的选择包括超市、精品店、商店、咖啡馆或餐馆. 向你的bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注朋友咨询去哪里找. Depending on your location, you can even do occasional fruit picking in the countryside on weekends.